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The FUCAing Amazing Meme Race!

March 11, 2020

Have you ever wanted to do the amazing race? BUT AT FLINDERS?!

Well FUCA has a surprise for you... INTRODUCING THE AMAZING MEME RACE!

This scavenger hunt/amazing race is all about the  students who know the memes, the problem solvers and those who just wanna learn more about Flinders University and the BGL College!

A few things first:

  • This event will be done in teams, so create a team with your friends in the sign up link, or sign up and be allocated one on the day,
  • This event will require walking around campus, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • This is one of FUCA's O Week events, so is highly recommended for first year students. But we do encourage all years and all disciplines to participate!

And sign up your team or yourself, to the AMAZING MEME RACE!

Stay tuned for race details and what to expect!