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Dean Taodang


Waddup! I am the current President of FUCA and studying my Honours year in Criminology. Aspiring to work in Intelligence/security. Hobbies are Krav-Maga and Muay-Thai as a sport, I am a musician and a 4WD nut.

Clare Perilli

Vice President

Hello! I am in my final year of studying criminology at Flinders and the Vice President of FUCA! love playing netball and aspire to work in the law enforcement at the state and federal level.

Phil Screen

HDR Representative

I am a PhD student, using social network analysis to study the Australian methamphetamine market. I like coffee dates and long beach walks.

Adam Costello


I am studying a bachelor of Criminology. I eventually want to use this degree to get into policy development and work for the Government. I enjoy photography, listening to records and board games.

Anne Dinh

Education Officer

Third year of studying Criminology at Flinders University. In the future I�d like to be a detective or working in any line of work dealing with vulnerable victims, ie. human trafficking, domestic violence.

Emily Evans

Events Manager

I am currently in my second year of studying Criminology at Flinders University. I love going to the park to get free hugs from dogs. I want to become a dog handler one day.

Natalija Marelj

Events Manager

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The FUCAing Amazing Meme Race!

Have you ever wanted to do the amazing race? BUT AT FLINDERS?! Well FUCA has a surprise for you... INTRODUCING THE AMAZING MEME RACE!

March 11, 2020

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